Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Victor HX-500P and HX-800C

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Victor is for sure focusing a lot of their new series Hypernano since the birth of the HX-800. How to tell ? 

Well you will find that they complete the series from top of the range to intermediate level racquets which is from the HX-800 to Victor HX-7SP. This time following the HX-600, we have the newly arrived HX-500P and HX-500C.

Obviously HX-500P is power and HX-500C is control. The 500P for sure is stiffer than the 500C and coated with the metallic grey while 500C wears the white. Also made with the Pyroil by Mitsubishi which first used in JS-9.

Similar price point to the HX-600 now offer you more choices. Offer solid feel from the 500P and easy to handle for the 500C.