Thursday, 31 December 2015

Yonex Aerus landed in the last day of 2015

Yonex Aerus Series Badminton Shoes (SP Version) landed in the last day of 2015.

Model: Yonex SHB-AMX (Men)
Colors: Orange & Yellow

Model: Yonex SHB-ALX (Women)
Colors: Pink and White 

Available at Racquet Force now :

Tuesday, 29 December 2015

YD sport Game Shirts are here !

More YD Sport Wear hitting Racquet Force

Besides the T-Shirts, we have also game shirts offer to customers who like to wear something not so easy to find in our markets yet.

All Pre Orders will be ship out tmr ! 

Monday, 28 December 2015

New Victor Badminton Shoes SH-A180

Victor SH-A180 series badminton shoes are their latest release entry price shoes. 

Offering in 4 bright colors from 23cm all the way to 29.5cm.

Contact us for both individual and wholesale price.


Sunday, 27 December 2015

Weight test between Yonex shb-am vs Victor sh-s80sd

<Weight Test>

Since both Yonex and Victor claimed that they had released their lightest badminton shoes ever and we are curious enough to give them a test.

Yonex SHB-AM vs Victor SH-S80SD 

Yonex SHB-AM weight 291g 
Victor SH-S80SD weight 290g
(One feet only) 

Size for testing: 27cm

Saturday, 26 December 2015

<First Yonex Light Weight Badminton Shoes>

<First Yonex Light Weight Badminton Shoes>

All 4 colors SP Version of the new Men's Yonex SHB-AMX and Ladies' SHB-ALX are here waiting for you ! 

Ready to bring them home as your New Year Present ?

Thursday, 24 December 2015

Yonex SHB-40LDEX is on special price !

🌲<Great Christmas Deal>🌲

Yonex SHB-40LDEX is having an attractive price that you can't resist! 

If you don't have a big budget to spend for your Christmas or New Year present ...then this certainly can be one of your present idea !

Sizes: 25cm to 28.5cm
Color: Yellow or White or Red

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

2016 Li Ning China Badminton Team Wear are out and available now in Racquet Force

Although the players are having some holidays at the moment however their sponsors didn't stop as they are busy launching new clothing for new year! 
Li Ning released 2016 China National Team Wear for next year All England in March. This time Li Ning offering not only the Game Shirt which have China printed at the back but also Supporters Verison which is a take down version of the game shirt with NO CHINA words on the back! 
Model: Li Ning AAYL007 / AAYL012 (Game Shirt) 
Model: Li Ning AAYL009 / AAYL014 (Supporter Version)

New Gears for 2016....Are you ready ? 
Available NOW in Racquet Force

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Saturday, 19 December 2015

Adidas Adipower Tour - Nozomi Okuhara

Celebrating this young Jap girl just won the 2015 Dubai World Superseries Ladies Single - Nozomi Okuhara's choice of Adidas Adipower Tour are now on sale ! 

If you also want to try this racquet NOW is the chance !

Thursday, 17 December 2015

Rare in Market - Victor Korea Team Warm Jacket are here !

<Rare in the Market>

Latest Victor Korea Team Warm Up Jacket!

Please contact us asap for interested parties as very limited Q'ty.

YD Sport landed and available now in Racquet Force

If you are not familiar with YD Sport ...let us do an introduction for you. It is a badminton brand that named after Lee Yong Dae and of course he also own the brand himself.

Product line included badminton clothing, racquets and bags.

Some of them are already available on our online store and sure more will come and complete the latest collection.

Saturday, 12 December 2015

Pre Order for YD Sport

<Pre-Order for YD Sport> 

We are now taking pre orders for YS Sport clothing shipping direct from Korea.

Target ETA: 7-10days from confirmed payment date.

Please msg us or email us for interested models, Q'ty and size.

• Pls contact us for full e-catelogue 

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Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Crazy Sale on Yonex SHB-87EX Red and White


Yonex SHB-87EX both red and white are on CRAZY sale price ! 

Email us for ordering: 
OR msg us on FB

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Lin Dan Styling Yonex Jacket and Pants are here !

2015 Latest Yonex 70046 & 80046 Winter Jacket (Lin Dan Styling) arrived in Racquet Force ! 

Check them out now at:

Monday, 7 December 2015

Victor HK Relocating with Victor founder and top management joining !

Congrats to Victor HK relocating to bigger and nicer office ! 

We are glad to be invited to this happy moment and also honored being invited to be part of the opening ceremony together with Victor's founder Mr Chen D L ,the top management team of Victor Headquater and Victor ambassador Zhao Jian Hua.

All the best to Victor HK ! 

Saturday, 5 December 2015

2016 Victor Korean National Team Wear

Approaching to the last tournament of the year ...the Superseries Final in Dubai...we are already planning for next year and yes we are taking a look at 2016 Korean National Team Wears.

Can't wait for 2016 ..such an exciting year ahead - The Olympic Year !

Friday, 4 December 2015

YD Sport Ordered Shirts arrived from Korea !

YD Sport's 'Youth & Dream' tees had arrived from Korea. 

YD Sport is a sport brand originated/named by Korean Badminton player Lee Yong Dae , ranking Men's Double World No.1.

For customers who ordered we will be shipping out on Monday as there are quite some volume! If you also want to us thru FB or email.

Both Men and Ladies Available

Thursday, 3 December 2015

What is Victor KRP, MYP Victor Racquets mean ? Player Version ??

There are always too many discussion and also demand towards players' version rackets in the market. Some pay high money for a player version racquet in fact you might be only paying for just a normal commercial racket.

As we also got increasing amount of inquiries and demand towards Victor so call Players' racquet, we will like to do a little workshop here to help everyone to identify if the Victor racquet you bought is truly a player version or its just another countries' market version.

We are honor enough to string for all Victor sponsored teams for the recent HK Open that ended 2 weeks ago and while doing that we got to touch and see a lot of the sponsored players' rackets and below are some sharing.

Each brand has their own coding system while for Victor as far as we know will be like this:

Lets take Hong Kong for an example:

Victor Rackets are usually coded with HKP /HKF/ HKA/HKJ etc. So if you found your racket in HKP does that mean its Hong Kong Team Player rackets ??  The answer is NO.

So now lets go back to the most popular codes that YOU might want to know....KRP and they mean they are Korean Player racket and Malaysian player racket ??? The answer is again NO

Players rackets are in below coding system:

country code (2 letters) +a letter + 1 digit number + "P" + a set of numbers (5 digits)

For example 

Lee Yong Dae rackets are KRH8P04590 AND KRA2P00238

Kim Gi Jung rackets are KRJ1P03162 AND KRC2P00403, KRC2P00401

Taiwan Players code are TWE2P00189 AND TWE2P00195

Malaysian Goh V S's racket code is  MYC2P00047

So PLEASE DO NOT pay high money if people wants to sell you KRP or MYP rackets as they are NOT Players' version rackets.

BE SMART........and tell the people who might be interested to buy KRP or MYP just to think they are the player rackets.....but in fact they are just normal Korean distributors and Malaysian distributors rackets

In conclusion, we just want you all to spend correctly and wisely !!!

Chinese Badminton theme movie " I am Hero"

<Tonight Extra>

First film in China using badminton as theme and nature of the movie is all about encouraging. 

Lead by China Head Coach Li Yong Bo, many of the famous Chinese players like Lin Dan, Chen Long and gf, Captain Cai , Fu Hai Feng etc....Lee Chong Wei also showed up in the event and so cute that he hold hands with Lin Dan in front of the press.

Wanting to see this film...ooh btw the name of the movie is "I am Hero"

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Victor Jetspeed S 10 3U are here !

The Long wait is OVER ! 🚫

Finally our beloved Victor Jetspeed S 10 3U are here! The 3U is player version except it's coded in "HK" for warranty purpose.

If you found JS-10 feels perfect except it's just a bit light from the 4U and 5U version then this is the perfect solution for you! 

Model: Victor JS-10 Jetspeed S 10
Weight: 3UG5
** Player Version

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

2015 Yonex Men and Ladies Winter Wear are open for orders now !

2015 FW Yonex Winter Wears are open for orders.❄️☃🌨 

Welcome to check our pricings online at our web store or msg us here in Facebook or Instagram.

Instagram: racquet_force

** Don't forget our shipping promotion for all the listed countries in our previous post ‼️