Sunday, 30 June 2013

NEW Yonex Nanoray 750

Yonex NanoRay 750
Yonex NanoRay 750


The new Yonex NanoRay 750 badminton racket is geared toward advanced and intermediate players seeking shot far more even from the unbalanced position.

Yonex NanoRay head-light series badminton racket provides a fast and controlled swing with enhanced repulsion via the new Aero Frame. NanoRay is desgined for players seeking to control the game with extreme speed and sharp movement!

Product Specification:

Flex: MediumComposition
Frame: H.M. Graphite, NanometricComposition
Shaft: H.M. Graphite, X-FULLERENE
Weight / Grip Size: 4U (80.0-84.9g)
Length: 674mm (10mm Long)
Balance: Head Light
Color: Shine Gold

Made in Japan

Saturday, 29 June 2013

Adidas coming into the big Badminton World !!

Adidas has started all the marketing activities and products introduction since last year by signing young but potential players in many countries. Adidas launches a full line of badminton gears from rackets to accessories.

Adidas Badminton Rackets Bag
Adidas Badminton
Adidas Adizero F500
Adidas Badminton Shoes

Adidas Badminton Ranges

Lets wait for more Adidas products to hit the market in the future........!!

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Adidas Adizero Pro Badminton Racket

The adizero pro is the pinacle of speed play in the series. Its flexibility and weight enable the player to focus on quicker game play.

Adidas Badminton Racket
Adizero Pro
Badminton Racket
Adizero pro

Adidas Adizero Pro Badminton Racket
Adizero Pro

Adidas Adizero Pro Badminton Racket
Adidas Adizero Pro Badminton Racket

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

The "Special Shoes" that Cai Yun and Fu Hai Feng wear during matches since London Olympic 2012

The Special Shoes that Cai Yun and Fu Hai Feng wearing since London Olympic 2012 are taylor made for them.

The Yellow and white one belongs to Cai Yun which make a number 7 on the back standing for Cai's lucky number while for his partner Fu, he also has his lucky number 9 on the back.

Special for these shoes are remarkably light and steady during game.

Cai Yun and Fu Hai Feng's Kason Shoes

Cai Yun's Shoes
Fu Hai Feng's Shoes

Monday, 24 June 2013

What is a Racket Powerizer ???

After being used for a while, a racket can seem to be lighter as a player’s arm and wrist strength increases. Have you had this experience?
If the racket no longer feels right, is the only option replacing it with a new one? Hang on, let us introduce a magical secret weapon to you - racket Powerizer.

Victor Racket Powerizer

Victor Racket Powerizer

What is racket Powerizer?

Racket Powerizer is an accessory that adds weight to a racket. It is a made of metal with special glue on the back that allows it to be attached firmly to the racket 
VICTOR’s racket Powerizer comes in packs of six pieces, each piece weight 0.18g (±0.01). To keep the racket balanced, please use two pieces together.

What is the principle behind Powerizer?

Powerizer is a racket accessory developed from the momentum of inertia principle (note 1); by usingracket Powerizer, the balance point of a racket is moved towards its head. In the instant that the racket is swung, the further the racket balance point is from our wrist (the force application point) the greater the centrifugal force felt and so the heavier the racket head will be.
The increased centrifugal force caused by momentum of inertia will increase the striking power of your shot. However, swinging greater momentum of inertia also requires correspondingly greater muscle strength, so the key to using Powerizer isn’t “the more the merrier ,”it is finding the racket weight that feels best for you.

When to use Powerizer?

1. Racket weight can be adjusted by using Powerizer when the racket feels lighter and just doesn’t feel right when a player’s muscle strength has increased after using a racket for a period of time.
2. When a new racket is bought but, after being used a few times, it feels a bit on the light side, Powerizer can be used to adjust the weight slightly. 
3. If a player wants to increase their wrist/muscle strength, as well as buying a wrist training racket, Powerizer can be used to make a simple head-heavy racket for training purposes. 

What things need to be paid attention to when using Powerizer?

Attaching Powerizer in different position produces different effects. Below, three recommended attaching points are introduced:
1. Top of racket(12 o’clock position, two pieces): increase swing weight feeling 
2. Both sides of racket(3 and 9 o’clock, two pieces at each, four in all): increase racket weight and swing weight feeling 
3. Bottom  of frame(6 o’clock, two pieces):slightly adjust racket weight 

Victor Racket Powerizer

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Congratulation to Indonesian Badminton Team - Biggest Title Winner of the 2013 Singapore Open

Congratulation to Indonesian Badminton Team - Biggest Title Winner of the 2013 Singapore Open 

Tontowi AHMAD / Liliyana NATSIR Won over Yeon Seong YOO /  Hye Won EOM

21-12 21-12

Tommy SUGIARTO Won over  Boonsak PONSANA 

20-22 21-5 21-17

Mohammad AHSAN / Hendra SETIAWAN Won over Sung Hyun KO / Yong Dae LEE

21-15 21-18

Again 3 cheers for Indonesian Players ...Hooray Hooray Hooray...

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Badminton: Grand Prix boost for Scottish Open

The Scottish Open Championships has been elevated to Grand Prix status.
And the changes come into force from this year at Glasgow's Emirates Arena from 20-24 November.
"It is perfect timing as it comes less than a year before the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow," said Badminton Scotland chief executive Anne Smillie.
"It guarantees a higher standard of entry for the third oldest tournament in world badminton, thanks to a significant increase in prize money."
Smillie revealed that a financial package worth £750,000 over the next four years is now in place.
"We particularly want to encourage players from the Commonwealth nations to take part this November as it will be a chance for Asian countries like Malaysia, India and Singapore to play in the Emirates Arena before the Commonwealth Games in July next year," she added.
"We also want to see players from Canada, Australia and New Zealand taking part.
"We are working hard at attracting a truly world-class entry as well as the television coverage we need to reach a wider audience."

Original Source: BBC Sport

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Hard to Say Goodbye - Taufik Hidayat

Hard to Say Goodbye - Taufik Hidayat
Taufik Hidayat
Taufik Hidayat


Sunday, 16 June 2013

2013 Badminton World Championship Game Shirts - Yonex

2013 Badminton World Championship Game Shirts - Yonex
2013 World Championship Game Shirts by Yonex

Badminton News: Adcock and Ellis bow out in Indonesia quarter-finals

The England pair (Chris Adcock and Andrew Ellis) , ranked No. 21 in the world, went down 21-18 21-18 against Russians Vladimir Ivanov and Ivan Sozonov, one of the most improved pairs on the world stage, having climbed to No.12 in the world rankings.

Adcock and Ellis bow
Adcock and Ellis bow

This was the third meeting between the pairs and the first time Adcock and Ellis had not taken a game off the Russians, who now lead 3-0 in head to heads.

Adcock and Ellis led briefly at the start of each game but simply could not get ahead of Ivanov and Sozonov, who beat England's other leading pair Chris Langridge and Peter Mills in the last 16 yesterday, having also beaten them in the Thailand semi-finals six days ago.

Adcock, Ellis and the rest of the England squad will now head for next week's Li-Ning Singapore Open Superseries event in Singapore City.

To view other results from this Indonesian Premier event on the OSIM BWF Superseries circuit go to

Original Source From:

Saturday, 15 June 2013

NEW Yonex Badminton Shoes SHB-F1NM / SHB-F1NL Coming in End July 2013

NEW Yonex Badminton Shoes SHB-F1NM / SHB-F1NL
Selling point for these new Yonex Shoes are focusing on Light Weight and High Stability.

Yonex SHB-F1NM and Yonex SHB-F1NL

Koo Kien Keat and Tan Boon Heong in the new Yonex SB-F1NM in the Indonesia Open 2013

Friday, 14 June 2013

2013 NEW Victor Meteor X 700

Victor Meteor X 700 MX-700

Product Spec

Length:675 mm
Weight / Grip Size:3U / G5, 4 (G2, 3)
4U / G5 (G2)
String tension LBS:3U:H ≦ 28 lbs, V ≦ 26 lbs
4U: H ≦ 26 lbs, V ≦ 24 lbs
Frame Material:High Modulus Graphite + Nano Resin
Shaft Material:High Modulus Graphite + Nano Resin + 7.2 SHAFT
Racket Response Indicator:       MX-700

Victor Meteor X 700 MX-700

Victor Meteor X 700 MX-700

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Taufik Hidayat Arena

Taufik Hidayat Arena will be the first house of Badminton in the world that is named and owned by the athlete himself, and exclusively managed by Taufik and his dedicated team. THA will eventually open in November 2012, located at Ciracas, East Jakarta, nearby Taufik’s young neighborhood while he joined PBSI. Designed by the renowned architectural team of URBANE Indonesia, headed by Mr. Ridwan Kamil, the building provides innovation and sparkle to the air of Indonesian badminton. The building was designed with two floors to present The Gallery, Dormitory Area, and Yonex Badminton Main Hall on the second floor.

Taufik Hidayat Arena

Taufik Hidayat Arena

Yonex Badminton Main Hall

One of Taufik’s missions is to make “THA for ALL and ALL for INDONESIA”, not only encouraging the next generation to be better and healthy, but also encouraging all the people of Indonesia to learn how to love sports, show their support to all athletes, and respect their struggle process while battling for Indonesia in the World Tournaments.
All programs were designed and leaded by Taufik and his Coach, Mr. Mulyo Handoyo.

Olympic hero Hidayat bids an emotional farewell

Indonesia's former Olympic and world champion Taufik Hidayat bid an emotional farewell on Wednesday to a colourful career that made him one of badminton's biggest stars in front of a roaring home crowd.

Taufik Hidayat

JAKARTA - Indonesia's former Olympic and world champion Taufik Hidayat bid an emotional farewell on Wednesday to a colourful career that made him one of badminton's biggest stars in front of a roaring home crowd.
With hundreds of fans cheering "Taufik can" and waving banners that read "Legend", the 31-year-old played his final professional match at the Indonesia Open, a tournament that he has won six times.
While the first-round match ended with his defeat to India's Sai Praneeth and an early exit from the tournament, Hidayat had not expected to go far against a tough field and still walked off the court a hero to his fans.
"What's really difficult is leaving badminton, a sport I have known for the past 25 years, 18 years as a professional player," an emotional Hidayat told reporters after the game.
Hidayat, once notorious as the bad boy of badminton who was sometimes compared to outspoken tennis great John McEnroe, showed a much softer side as he prepared to hang up his racket.
"Henceforth, I will focus on my family," he said at the post-match press conference, with his young daughter sitting at his side.
He did however admit to being disappointed at losing to Praneeth -- ranked 20 places below him -- and said he hoped the public would not "judge me only in this tournament".
Hidayat won the first set of the match, which was delayed by several hours, 21-15 with some strong backhand shots and good play at the net.
But he began to flag in the second set against an opponent 11 years his junior, and went on to lose the set 12-21. By the final set, Hidayat's shots were failing to pass the net, and Praneeth won it 21-17.
The defeat will come as no surprise, as Hidayat had failed to clinch major titles for several years. His early exit from the tournament is unlikely to overshadow a career that made him into a sporting icon in his home country.
With a distinctive, languid style that made the fast-paced game look effortless, he won Indonesia's first Olympic gold medal at Athens in 2004, famously weeping when he received it, and was crowned world champion in 2005.
But he also had his fair share of controversies during his career.
He once split from the Indonesian Badminton Association and based himself in Singapore, and on one occasion was ordered off the courts by security staff after a stand-off with officials at the Southeast Asian Games in Thailand.
Hidayat reportedly attacked a spectator at the 2001 national championships, and he walked out of a match during the 2002 Asian Games -- which he later won -- in a dispute over line-judging.
In 2006, the reigning Olympic champion again stormed out of a match, with arch-rival Lin Dan in Hong Kong, after complaining about line-judging.
There was a major upset in another match at the Indonesia Open on Wednesday, when unseeded Tommy Sugiarto of Indonesia thrashed world number two Chen Long of China in straight sets 21-11, 21-18 in under 40 minutes.
The Indonesia Open runs until Sunday in Jakarta with prize money of $700,000 across all categories. Malaysia's Lee Chong Wei, the world number one, is the favourite.

Source from Channel News Asia

Say Goodbye to one of the Legendary Player from Indonesia - Taufik Hidayat

Its always hard to say goodbye to players like Taufik Hidayat whom has a great talent and skills in badminton. His style, his attitude and his shots are always being remember by all the badminton fans around the world.

He finished his last match of his professional badminton career in the 2013 Indonesian Open with disappointement but as he said, we should not judge his professional by only looking at this match but ignoring all the gold medals he once won in all super series and even Olympic.

Lets salute to our great player - Taufik Hidayat and surely we will always miss your smahes and net shot.

Taufik Hidayat in his post match press conference with his little girl

Taufik Hidayat

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Tennis NEWS: Big-serving Berdych ousts Djokovic in Rome

Big-serving Czech Tomas Berdych caused the first major upset of the Rome Masters on Friday when he ousted world number one and top seed Novak Djokovic of Serbia.

Berdych, who had beaten Djokovic only once in their last 14 meetings, prevailed 6-2, 7-5, 6-4 to book himself an unlikely place in the semi-finals and boost his chances ahead of the French Open.

Berdych's serve and his combinations of shots had Djokovic in trouble from the middle of the second set, when he launched his fightbck.

Althouh he paid tribute to his opponent, Djokovic said: "I lost this game by myself.

"I just lost a bit of concentration. I started playing more defensively.

"The match turned around, he gained confidence and I had a few unforced errors.

"At this level you have to take the opportunities when they come to you."

Berdych will now meet the winner of the quarter-final between David Ferrer and Rafael Nadal in Saturday's semi-finals.

Nadal is the defending Rome champion but has come into this year's tournament seeded only fifth having spent several months on the sidelines recovering from injury.

Earlier, French surprise package Benoit Paire continued his good run of form by qualifying for the final four with a 6-1, 6-0 win over Spaniard Marcel Granollers.

Number two seed Roger Federer will meet Poland's Jerzy Janowicz, seeded 24 in the ATP rankings, later Friday.

Original source from:: AFP, 2013 / globalpost

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

2013 NEW Colour - Victor SH-A850G

2013 NEW Colour - Victor SH-A850G 

FIRST HAND picture of the New Victor SH-A850G

Act quick and be the first one to own it !!!!

Victor SH-A850G
Victor SH-A850G

Monday, 10 June 2013

2013 NEW Yonex Arcsaber 11 Taufik Hidayat Limited Edition

The Taufik Hidayat Limited Edition model complete with his signature and his motto, "Winning is An attitude" - which used for inspiration throughout his playing career, are both printed on the racquet frame to inspire you and your game.
Yonex Arcsaber 11 Taufik Hidayat Limited Edition
Yonex Arcsaber 11 Taufik Hidayat Limited Edition

ARCSABER 11 Taufik Hidayat

Product Specification

Item Code: ARC11TH
Flex: Stiff
Shaft: H.M. Graphite, Ultra PEF
Weight / Grip Size: 3U (85-89.9g) G4,5     2U (90-94.9g) G4,5
Colour: Dove Gray
Made in Japan
Available NOW!!

Yonex Arcsaber 11 Taufik Hidayat Limited Edition

Sunday, 9 June 2013

2013 NEW Victor Series - "The African Series" released

Victor lauched their new collection call "African Series" offering 2 styles of shirts with both collar game shirts and off court knitted tee.

2013 NEW Victor Series - "The African Series"

2013 "African Seires" Collar Shirts
2013 "African Seires" Collar Shirts

2013 Victor "African Series" Knitted Tee
2013 Victor "African Series" Knitted Tee

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Badminton Shoes - Victor SH-A850 O/F

Victor SH-A850
Victor SH-A850 FVictor SH-A850 O 

Victor SH-A850 O - Orange color
Victor SH-A850 O

Victor SH-A850 F - blue color victor shoes
Victor SH-A850 F

Video of Advanced Product R&D Manager, Johan Liu introducing his magnificant piece of work:


Advanced Product R&D Manager, Johan Liu said SH-A850 professional badminton shoes belongs to the VICTOR ALL-AROUND type. These four indicators can, in terms of ergonomics, reduce the impact on the foot and increase the stability of footwear body foot encapsulation, allowing for faster speed of movement and the next step to be quickly taken. VICTOR uses high level material and design to make footwear that meets the diverse requirements of professional badminton footwear.

Product Spec:
Upper:PU Leather + V-Durable + Mesh
Midsole:Resilient EVA + ENERGYMAX + TPU + Carbon Power + Solid EVA

Friday, 7 June 2013

Badminton Player Profile: Ko Sung Hyun


Height: 181cm
Birthday: 1987-05-21
Country: Korea
Handedness: Right
Ranking: 3 (Men's Doubles)

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

More Testing Before Instant Reviews Start

The Badminton World Federation will undertake more testing before proceeding with the live implementation of an instant review system – which was originally scheduled to take place at the Djarum Indonesia Open next week.
Instead the world-governing organisation will continue testing the line-call technology in an effort to resolve some last-minute issues which arose during the recent testing at the Li-Ning BWF Sudirman Cup in Malaysia.
“We have undergone some really good testing at both the Maybank Malaysia Open and the Li-Ning Sudirman Cup and, though we envisaged being ready to go live with an instant review system at the BWF Superseries Premier in Indonesia, we have determined it best to delay its introduction. We want to revisit some technical aspects and engage in further testing,” explained BWF Secretary General Thomas Lund (right).
“So instead of allowing players to challenge line calls at the Indonesia Open, we will use that Superseries Premier event as another testing ground.”
Lund stressed that despite this decision, BWF is committed to this “progressive and innovative step for the BWF World Superseries and badminton overall”.
“Instant reviews are coming – players have our assurance on that. We cannot give a date right now as we would prefer to be sure we have any issues resolved before announcing again that we are implementing a challenge system. The system is designed to protect the players and the integrity of the game, so we feel it is only prudent to be sure we can guarantee that the system will perform perfectly,” he said.
The Secretary General reiterated BWF is still considering various systems while reaffirming it will be using camera-based technology, allowing line-call referees to reassess the call under review.
“Our priority is to ensure we get the mechanics of this operation working properly and we just need some additional time to do so and to look at the technologies available.”

Source from BWF