Monday, 30 November 2015

Yonex 12111 Lee Chong Wei Shirts are here !

Yonex 12111 Lee Chong Wei Game Shirts are open for orders.

Offering in 3 colours: Blue, Navy and White 
Size: S-XL

Made in Taiwan

Expanding our shipping promotion to up to 12 countries !

Thanks for the Support to Racquet Force and we are expanding our Shipping Promotion to all below countries:

USA, UK, Canada, Australia, NZ, France, South Korea, Singapore, Vietnam, Germany, Norway and Russia

Target Products: Below 2 KG ( Like Shoes, Grips, Strings and Clothes)

Exceptions: Rackets, Rackets Bag and Shuttlecocks are excluded due to dimension 

SAVING UP TO 13USD vs normal Air Tracked Mail.

Email us before you place an order so we can apply the discount for you !!

Sunday, 29 November 2015

Victor BRS12 Blue is back again !

I don't think we need to describe in details what racquet is this anymore right ? 

Yes all stock up and ready to go for all the Victor Bravesword 12 Blue lovers or Lee Yong Dae/ Yoo Yeon Seong Fans out there ! 

Model: Victor BRS-12 Blue
Weight: 3U / 4U

Saturday, 28 November 2015

2016 Victor Q1 Sample Badminton Shoes

㊙️2016 Q1 Sample㊙️ 

Victor SH-P9200 Mid Cut . First time Victor has a mid cut shoes. 

Model: Victor SH-P9200M
Size: 26.5cm

Interested ? Want it ?!

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Yonex Lin Dan Exclusive II Clothings are here !

Yonex Lin Dan Exclusive II Clothings are here. 

Yonex 10004LDEX Crew Neck Shirt
Yonex 10003LDEX Sleeveless Shirt
Yonex 15001LDEX Shorts
Yonex 19001LDEX Socks

All available now online at:

#yonexlindanexclusiveII, #yonex, #yonexbadminton, #lindan, 

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Yonex Lin Dan Exclusive series II Racquet Bags arrived !

<Yonex Lin Dan Exclusive Series II>

Yonex BAG12LDEX and BAG13LDEX racquet bags are here.

BAG12LDEX is the pro version which size are similar but better quality offering in red  and white only.

Available now online for selection.

#Yonex , #yonexlindan , #yonexbag12ldex, #lindan, #yonexbag, #yonexracquetbag

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Yonex SHB-AM and SHB-AL power cushion aerus are here !

Direct from Japan 🇯🇵 Yonex SHB-AM and SHB-AL Power Cushion Aerus Men and Ladies are here! 
First batch arrived with few sizes and little stock so should you want a pair please contact us now ! 
Instagram: racquet_force

#Yonex , #yonexbadminton, #yonexbadmintonshoes , #yonexshbamex , #yonexshbam, #leechongwei

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Drama King - Lee Yong Dae ! Tough win today at the 2015 HK open !

The men's double between the world's No 1 Korean Lee Yong Dae / Yoo Yeon Seong and Chinese pair Hong Wei /Chai Biao held this afternoon no doubt became the most breathless game of the day. The 2 pairs brought to the crowds a full 3 sets game and last set finished at 30-28. Congrats to Lee and Yoo for a tough win today and all the best for tmr ! 

Btw by looking at Lee's face expression should be able to tell you how tight today's game was ! This little drama king !

Saturday, 21 November 2015

Yonex Lin Dan Exclusive Series II are here !

Are you waiting for Yonex Lin Dan Exclusive II series to come ? 

Well they are here...Yonex VTZF2LD red and white , Yonex SHB-SC6LDEX and socks are all here ! 

Ready to come to shop for early X'mas present ? Available now at Racquet Force.

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Victor 2016 Sample Shoes !


Brand: Victor
Model: SH-P9200
Target Release Date: 2016 Q1

Still remember the shoes they wore during China open last week ? This is the new shoes we are talking about ! 

Will share the test report after this busy week !

Monday, 16 November 2015

Some fun time for Victor Korea Team ! New shoes on the way .....?

Although Lee Yong Dae and Yoo Yeon Seong lost their doubles a little earlier than most of us would have expected however in return they earned themselves some more resting time and also some FUN time ! 

**BTW see the new shoes Lee , Yoo and Jung are wearing ? Want to see in details ? Let's see .....

Saturday, 14 November 2015

Lee Chong Wei vs Lin Dan Again !


Sharing a super fan's drawing of his two favorite players Lee Chong Wei and Lin Dan ! Hit like if you like his drawings too!

Friday, 13 November 2015

Li Ning latest Training Tee

Latest Li Ning Training Tee open to order. Offering in 3 colors, the orange, blue and the sharp purple.

Cai Yun is showing off the purple one ! 

Interested parties please pm us or email us.

Thursday, 12 November 2015

2015 Li Ning China National Badminton Team Shirt

Latest 2015 Li Ning China National Badminton Team Shirt for this week China Open and next week HK Open.

Model: Li Ning AAYK301/136
Colour: Blue and Yellow 
Size: S to 3XL (Asian Size)

Available now in Racquet Force

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Victor J-5261 Winter Jackets are here !

Winter is coming hence we need jackets !!! ❄️❄️

We have the latest Victor jackets arrived. Perfect for team jackets as well as personal use.

Model: Victor J-5261CQ Pink
             Victor J-5261CM Blue
             Victor P-5281CA

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Victor HX-500P and HX-800C

<First to Post>☝🏻️

Victor is for sure focusing a lot of their new series Hypernano since the birth of the HX-800. How to tell ? 

Well you will find that they complete the series from top of the range to intermediate level racquets which is from the HX-800 to Victor HX-7SP. This time following the HX-600, we have the newly arrived HX-500P and HX-500C.

Obviously HX-500P is power and HX-500C is control. The 500P for sure is stiffer than the 500C and coated with the metallic grey while 500C wears the white. Also made with the Pyroil by Mitsubishi which first used in JS-9.

Similar price point to the HX-600 now offer you more choices. Offer solid feel from the 500P and easy to handle for the 500C.

Japan Version Yonex BAG1632TR Racquet Bag

Some more Yonex Japan Version Racquet Bag came in tonight ! 

Model: Yonex BAG1632TR
Style: Tall BackPack 
Size: 30x73x18 cm

Saturday, 7 November 2015

New Yonex Racquet Bag from Japan

<Direct From Japan> 🇯🇵

Yonex BAG 1612R Racquet Bag has just arrived ! 

Interested customer please pm for price and details.

Friday, 6 November 2015

Small Orders Shipping Promotion

<Small Orders Shipping Promotion>

We are having a special shipping promotion which target to provide customers a better shipping rate for orders weight below 1.5kg

Markets To Offer : USA and UK

Popular Small Orders are like:
• 1 pair of shoes 
• 1-5pcs of clothing

USA customers can SAVE up to 10usd and UK customers can SAVE up to 15usd for shipping just a pair of shoes ! 

Contact us for more details 

Facebook: Racquet Force
Instagram: racquet_force 

Victor SH-A920LTD are here in Racquet Force !

Very Busy Week of having so many new products coming in...! 

May we introduce you the new Victor SH-A920LTDCD/FG are officially launched and available to order!

Obviously this is a 'face-lift' version to the existing SH-A920 and for sure more advance technologies had been added in. From a lot of customers feedback, they love the insole and support that the existing SH-A920 provide so I guess we will expect nothing less from this one too!

Available now Online at :

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Victor Badminton Racquet Bag freshly arrived !

Fresh from the warehouse ! 

Victor newly arrived styles make their first appearance on Racquet Force Facebook ! 

Model: Victor BR9002SD-F/Q , Victor BR9202SD-F/Q and Victor BR9602SD-F/Q

Should you already own the blue version then it's time for your partner to enjoy the pink version of yours ! 

Available later tonight at Racquet Force

Victor TK-ONIGIRI are back !

Guess what ? Victor Thruster K Onigiri are back with limited stock! 

Both 4U and 5U are available NOW at Racquet Force Today.

Powerful racquet with very slim shaft even with 4U and 5U.

Monday, 2 November 2015

Victor Jetspeed S 09L - the best value racquet for lady and girl players

Best Value Lady or Girl players' choice....Victor Jetspeed S 09L are now on SPECIAL.

Model: Victor JS-09L

Shaft Material: High Modulus Graphite + NanoTube + 7.0 SHAFT

Frame Material: High Modulus Graphite + Nano Resin

String tension LBS: ≤ 25 lbs(11Kg)
≤ 24 lbs(10.5Kg)

Weight / Grip Size:3U/G6, 4U/G6
Length: 675mm

Balance: HH ○○●○○ HL

Sunday, 1 November 2015

Yonex 2015 Winter Catalog showing off some nice pics of the players!

Showing off some cool pics in the latest 2015 Winter Yonex Catalog. 

Model: Lee Chong Wei, Lin Dan, Jan O Jorgensen, Ratchanok and Marin

Aren't they look cool ?