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Victor's Three types of badminton shoe

Three types of badminton shoe

【Text/Diana】It is extremely important to choose a suitable pair of badminton shoes for when you play. As well as avoiding sports injury, the right shoes can help you perform better. VICTOR’s R&D team has divided badminton shoes into three types according to different functions, each type unique in its own way. The three types of badminton shoe are explained below: 

                     Three types of badminton shoe
Badminton requires speed and agility; a shoe that allows you to move quickly around the court and is also lightweight can give you an advantage when you play.Ignition——due to improvement in the midsole structure and material, sudden impact is transformed into outstanding rebound, shortening the time required for each step.  The lightweight design of the shoe, on the one hand. Reduces the burden on the foot and, on the other, substantially increases the speed of movement.

             badminton shoes SH910
Main SPEED show style:SH910 D
ALL-AROUND:Encapsulation and comfort 
Want to be able to smoothly perform the six-point footwork in badminton? What you need is a shoe with outstanding shield and comfort. ALL-AROUND type shoes have a balance between shock resistance, stability, ignition and lightweight. Shield-special shoe structure and material are used to increase the between shoe’s fit feel during movement. Whole shoe comfort design: the feeling of pressure on the feet during exercise  is reduced; the feet won’t feel discomfort, even during intense play.
   badminton shoes SH-A850
Main ALL-AROUND shoe style:SH-A850 O

SUPPORT:Anti-torque and shock resistance
“Forward, back, sudden turn, sudden halt” characterizes badminton footwork, requiring that a badminton shoe has shock resistance and anti-torque functions to allow a player to handle the extremely complex situation on court. Shock resistance-the structure of the sole and the material used combine to absorb the sudden impact that is created when jumping, thus reducing the chance of foot injury.Anti-torque-whole shoe support design is used to reduce  foot twist when moving, strengthening the foot protection function.
    badminton shoes SH9000ACE
Main SUPPORT shoe style:SH9000ACE G

VICTOR’s three show type system: SPEED, ALL-AROUND and SUPPORT combine the four big indicators shock-resistance, anti-torque, lightweight and ignition, allowing every player to choose the professional badminton shoe that best suits their own needs. 

International Standard Edition of Footwear Coordinates

    Three shoe type logo and functional indicators  
After reading the above explanation everyone will now have a good idea of the functionality of each badminton shoe type! Now why not quickly go to to choose a suitable pair of professional badminton shoes that will help you play better as you work up a sweat on court?!

Reference: Victor Website

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