Sunday, 26 April 2015

2015 New Li Ning Profession Badminton Shoes for World Champions Cai Yun, Fu Hai Feng and Li Xue Rui are here !

Li Xue Rui official Shoes 2015
Cai Yun Official Shoes 2015
Fu Hai Feng Official Shoes 2015

Victor TK9000 is on special now !

Victor TK-9000 is on special price. 
Now selling at ONLY 148.99USD include a pack of free Yonex or Victor String.

FREE shipping for HK and Macau customers 
Buy now at our online store

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Victor latest T-Shirts T-5018 are here !

Latest Victor T-Shirts are here ! All 3 colours are so sharp that match with the summer coming up !

Saturday, 25 April 2015

New Low Price offer in Racquet Force ! They will surprise you ! Check them out now !

New Price to celebrate the new year of Racquet Force ! 🎉

Thanks to the support from all the customers out there and we want to thank you all by adjusting all our prices with much lower retail price to stay competitive in the world market.

Check them out now and they will surprise you ! 📢📢

Thursday, 23 April 2015

2015 New Li Ning Badminton Shoes are here !

2015 March release NEW Li Ning Badminton shoes are here to order !

Offer in Yellow and Orange with sizes between 23cm to 29.5cm

Ready to order ?

China team wear for 2015 Sudirman Cup are open for order !

It's coming !The 2015 Sudirman Cup is coming next month in China and since the date is approaching, the Chinese team Sudirman team wears are also available now in Racquet Force.

First time the shirts without the word CHINA at the back which make them easier to wear.

We are taking orders now and goods will be ready to ship out in 1.5 weeks time.

Shirts are extremely breathable as blending in with leisure wear make the shirts looks more fashionable.

Order now through PM or email before cut off this weekend.

Price for shirts : 88USD free shipping 
Price for shorts: 60USD free shipping 

Lin Dan new Yonex weapon !

Lin Dan new racquet and logo reveal.

Finally we know Lin Dan will be using VTZF2 as his named racquet together with the new designed logo for his own personal LD series by Yonex.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Li Ning Cotton T-Shirts are here to order !

Li Ning Lifestyle Cotton T-Shirt are here for order. 
Sizes available from S to 3XL.

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Sunday, 19 April 2015

Yonex badminton bag BAG1439 is back in stock!

🇯🇵🇯🇵✈️Direct from Japan

Yonex BAG1439 are back in stock now in Racquet Force.

Only few left so approach us now before they run out.

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Victor Shoes in Crazy Sale !


Victor SH-503E , SH-S60D and SHA-610AD are on special price now selling at 45USD Only (exclude shipping).

Sizes available:
S60D    26, 27,27.5,28cm
610AD  25,26,28.5,29cm
503E.    25 to 26.5, 27 to 28.5cm

Buy now as price is drop dead low ! 

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SALE Badminton Shoes Victor SH-A820Q is now on sale!


Victor SH-A820Q is on special now at Racquet Force.

Sizes available : 24cm to 27.5cm ONLY

Buy now before they run out !